The 7 Best Bean Bag Chairs, Reviewed & Compared

Today's bean bag chairs have come a long way since the portable furniture staple was first introduced. Today's bean bags have been upgraded, re-styled, and made into a trendy furniture accessory for offices, apartments, and more.

These aren't your grandma's bean bag chairs. Since the popular casual seating option originated in the days of the Brady Bunch, good old bean bag chairs have changed remarkably. 

Today, you'll find bean bag chairs molded into innovative recliners, covered in the finest of plush faux fur, microsuede, and chenille, fully stuffed and plumped up even larger than some beds, and even stretched into pressure point alleviating loungers. 

Need something for your new office, dorm room, camper, kids' tv or gaming room, or classroom? Come on in and see our finds — there's sure to be something for everyone as we explore 2018's best bean bag chairs.

Based on our exploration, we've decided on the following 'Best of' categories:


Our top favorite bean bag selection is the super snug and cozy LoveSac. With over 250,000 sold since its 1999 origins, the LoveSac's magic lies in its secret Durafoam content, the recipe for which is known only to two people on earth.

Key features:

  • The LoveSac comes in various shapes and sizes, from the GamerSac at 2'6" high and 2'8" wide to the BigOne at 6' high and 4"1' feet wide (the giant bean bag pictured above).  
  • Choose from customizable LoveSac covers and inserts, or add a bundle including a FootSac or 'Squattoman'.


  • Current prices range from $245.00 to $1300.00, with up to 48 months of financing available for those who qualify.
  • You can get 25% off your purchase with these LoveSac promo codes.
  • Don't miss their upcoming Black Friday deals, including 30% Off Sacs or 35% Off Holiday Sac Bundles

Our favorite LoveSac models:

BigOne — Priced at $910.00, you can customize your BigOne (or any LoveSac) with your favorite cover fabric here. How soft does our selection, Chinchilla Dense Phur, look below?

GamerSac - $245. This one's cover is 'Chocolate Padded Velvet'. 

SuperSac Holiday Bundle — $1,105.00.  This cover is 'Snow Owl Phur'. 

CitySac — $385.00. This cover is 'Eskimo Swirl Phur'. 

Where to buy: 

Get one on the LoveSac website, or try their store locator.  Some have noticed them for sale at Costco, but be sure to get the details on refund/warranty policies when purchasing from any third party as they may be different.


  • Free shipping
  • Contents (Durafoam) can be shrunk down to 1/8 its original size for more efficient shipping and transport
  • Veterans and military get 5% off all purchases
  • Made in the USA
  • Visit physical storerooms by searching here
  • Easily swap out covers anytime you need a change
  • Warranties are offered on inner stuffing and covers


  • Some reported their inner foam didn't fluff out to the fullness they experienced at the store; be sure to let customer service know if you have this issue and they will see about getting you some additional foam
  • Some feel the covers could be more affordable
  • Largest varieties can be heavy (95 lbs) and difficult to maneuver

Bottom line:

LoveSacs are impressive for any space, especially when paired with an uber soft cover (faux phur, chenille, or microsuede, anyone?). Swap out covers as needed and match the decor of any room. Need a deal? Check their clearance page and our latest promo codes. Don't like it as much as you thought you would? Sacs may be returned within 60 days of the date received for a refund or store credit.

Big Joe

With your choice of bean or foam filling and a full selection of fabrics and colors, Big Joe makes bean bag chairs for kids, adults, indoor/outdoor, poolside, and more.

Key features:

Built with the whole family in mind, Big Joe bean bags use 3 types of cutting edge filling technology to stuff their seating. Find ideas for every room and area, indoor and outdoor, on their Instagram

Our favorite models:

Big Joe Kids' FuF — $84.99, available in 3 colors. 

Big Joe Dorm — $49.99. Perfect for the dorms, available in 3 colors with a drink holder, side pocket, and built-in handle for easy maneuverability. 

Big Joe Chillum Cloud 9 — $159.99. Stuffed with 100% unused upcycled foam, never goes flat, available in 3 colors as well. 

Imperial Lounger — $ 169.49, covered in Comfort Suede Plus in neutral tones, this model provides superior coziness. 


Where to buy: Grab them on the company website here.


  • Easy set-up upon delivery; just open, remove plastic, and allow to return to full fluff (sometimes takes 7-10 days)
  • Big Joe gives 10% of all profits back to the community into resources like the Western Michigan Humane Society and Habitat for Humanity
  • Warranties are offered until one year after purchase date; beans can be ordered to refill if your Big Joe goes flat before the end of a year - otherwise you can order your own
  • Reasonably priced
  • Large selection


  • Although many Big Joe bean bags are covered in stain-resistant fabrics, they cannot be removed and washed; spot-cleaning only may not be sufficient for everyone
  • Taller folks may not find these to be extremely comfortable
  • Some found seams wore open easily and innards were lost

Bottom line:

Big Joe is a popular brand with mostly average to high ratings across review sites. The Big Joe bean bag chair is best for teens and kids, as most models sit low and require a certain amount of youthful vitality to get out of/down into. Encourage your young person to be gentle with the seating you buy in order to keep seams from splitting - but if you ever do need more filling, it's readily available.


Jaxx makes a wide assortment of bean bags for kids and adults including bean bag chairs for every room and outdoors, bean bag pillows, gaming bean bags, spandex bean bags, replacement covers, and foam.

Key features:

Jaxx bean bag chairs are functional, stylish pieces of furniture ideal for any room and outdoor use. Covers are removable and washable to keep your bean bags fresh and clean, and refunds are available within 30 days of shipment.

Our favorite Jaxx models:

The Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag — $749.00. This is the best giant bean bag, in Chenille.

The Metro Saxx in Microsuede — $184.00. 

Arlo Indoor Bean Bag Lounger — $199.00.

Kiss Bean Bag Chair — $190.00. 


Where to buy: Purchase them on the Jaxx website here


  • Free shipping on all U.S. orders
  • Larger bean bags can fit up to 3 or even 4 adults comfortably
  • Good value for the price
  • Very comfortable and soft, especially in microsuede and chenille
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee


  • Some reported larger bean bags were very heavy and difficult to maneuver
  • Some noticed a slight off-gassing smell which dissipated over 1-2 days

Bottom line:

Jaxx ranks high with us for their removable, washable covers. This is such a fantastic feature if you have children or fur babies, it simply cannot be overrated (remember to wash on delicate cycle only please and hang it up to air dry whenever possible). And the comfort can't be beat either — some reviewers' guests have even preferred sleeping on the Jaxx to sleeping in a bed when visiting their home! Highly recommended.


From the Original to the Junior, the Buggle Up, and the blissful Island lounger, Fatboy makes nearly indestructible bean bag seating of impeccable quality.

Key features:

Fatboy seating is ideal for numerous functions, perfect in any room of the home or office in a variety of colors and sizes. Covers are water and stain-resistant nylon, machine-washable as well as easily spot-cleaned with simple water and mild soap.

Our favorite Fatboy models:

Fatboy Original — Created by award-winning Finnish designer Jukka Setala, the Original is available in 21 colors for $199.00. 

Buggle-Up — Take this one outside anytime and adjust the straps to sit upright or lie back. It's available in 16 colors for $359.00. 

Fatboy Island — Don't hesitate to grab one (or a few!) of these for your reading nook or break room - they're only $169.00 and come in 15 vibrant color choices.  

(Fatboy)Red Special Addition — Fatboy donates 10% from the profits on these to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Choose models priced at $149.00 or $189.00. 

Fatboy Junior — Available in 21 stunning colors like turquoise, taupe, dark purple, and olive, these are sure to match any child's room. Measures 50 inches long by 40 inches wide, priced at $159.00. 

Doggielounge — Get your fur baby a cushy spot of their own from Fatboy. In varying sizes, these loungers run from $99 to $159.00 here

Price: Ranges from $149-359 depending upon your choice of model on the Fatboy website. You can also get free shipping with one of these Fatboy promo codes, too.

Where to buy: Order from their website here or use their store locator to find a physical showroom near you.


  • Durable, easy-to-clean fabrics
  • High quality
  • Attractive, eye-popping colors and designs
  • Most models can be used upright as seat or to lie down
  • Cozy and comfortable


  • Some reported their bean bag chairs did not have sufficient stuffing for comfy seating; customer service remedied this by sending additional bead stuffing 
  • Some found their bean bag chair held in heat more than they liked

Bottom line:

Most previous customers found Fatboy bean bags extra cushy and sturdy, while a few had issues with insufficient stuffing and the fabric holding in heat. See if customer service will send you extra filler at no cost; if not, you can order more here. You can also get a bean bag chair repair kit here if needed. And finally, you could try the Original Stonewashed cotton bean bags if you require better heat distribution/breathability than the other fabrics.

Chill Sack

If you're ready for another impressive giant bean bag chair assortment, check out Chill Sacks. You'll find varieties for every room, for both kids and adults, in 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot sizes, as well as accessories or covers only, all available with free shipping throughout the contiguous United States.

Key features:

Chill Sacks are made with the highest quality USA-made polyurethane foam and double-stitched seams for premium durability. Toss a couple in the TV room or study and let the lounging begin!

Our favorite models:

The 4-foot Giant Chill Sack is available in 25 different fabrics at $159.00 (marked down from $259.00 now). 

The 5-foot Giant Chill Sack is $179.00 with free shipping. 

The 8-foot Giant Chill Sack is $329.00 with 13 fabric options. 

Just need a replacement cover? They range from $79 to $139 here, marked down by about $100 each. Extra foam is available at $25.00 for 16 pounds here.


Ranges from $150.00 to $329.00 currently, and you can get free delivery with these Chill Sack promo codes.

Where to buy: You can get it right on their company website


  • Comes with a 3-year Comfort Guarantee that your Chill Sack won't flatten, break, or leak - ever - or your money back
  • Soft and cozy fabrics
  • Made in the USA
  • Foam conforms to your body, then pops back into shape when you get up
  • Well-made and comfortable for both kids and adults - with several of our favorite adult bean bag chairs on display


  • Some reported it was difficult to re-fluff some models 
  • Some stated the bean bag chairs don't actually mold into shapes for sitting upright very easily like the pictures show; they often slip back into a flatter 'disk' shape
  • Breaking up the foam pieces for proper filling upon delivery may be a workout for your hands and wrists

Bottom line:

Pick your size, color and prepare for delivery — which may require a surprisingly heavy hand workout getting the foam just right. In any case, we think Chill Sacks are quite nice and very likely worth the purchase price, but if not, there's a 3-year Comfort Guarantee Warranty, so you can return yours if you disagree or find they aren't exactly what you're looking for.


Our quest for the best bean bag chairs available wouldn't be complete without a stop at Yogibo.

Yogibo's patented, award-winning creations grew in popularity at craft shows following their founding in 2009, eventually leading to their first concept store in Natick, Massachusetts. A second store opened shortly thereafter in Braintree, Massachusetts, and the momentum continues, bringing Yogibo's innovation in furniture, including their lounge bags, to customers nationwide. 

Key features:

With a range of sizes in both indoor and outdoor seats, support pillows, and more, Yogibo brings original designs to the traditional bean bag chair. If you're into unique seating and decor with a purpose, give this catalog a gander — you won't be sorry!

Our favorite models:

The Yogibo Short is a chair, recliner, love seat, or bed, priced at $199.00. 

The Yogibo Double is a double bean bag chair for two which reclines into a bed, available in 9 colors for $419.00.  

The Yogibo Pod X is a perfect one-seater for gaming, reading, homework time, or whatever you enjoy sitting down for. Get one for $179.00, available in 7 dazzling colors. 

The top best-selling Yogibo Max brings total comfort with zero pressure points and works as a chair, recliner, sofa or bed, available at $249.00.  

Going outside? Bring your super lightweight water- and UV-resistant Zoola Pyramid along, perfect for watching the fireworks, fishing off the boat, roasting marshmallows 'round the campfire, or gazing at the horizon for a beachside sunset. Get one here for only $99.00. 


  • Ranging from $39.00 Buddy Rolls to the Yogibo Double at $419.00. Check their sale items and bestsellers.
  • You may also qualify for financing through Blispay on purchases over $199. 
  • You can get up to 20% off your order with these Yogibo promo codes here.

Where to buy:  Get them all on the company website here.


  • Comfortable, innovative, colorful designs
  • Great options for indoor, outdoor, gaming, camping, kids' rooms, adult rec. rooms, classrooms, trendy businesses, man caves and she-sheds; here's a bit on Yogibo in the Workplace
  • Yogibo's washable covers are called 'paws and claws friendly' due to their pet-resilient soft durability
  • Even Yogibo's larger models are lightweight, making them easy to maneuver
  • Yogibo makes a line of sensory products, weighted blankets, aromatherapy products, bean bag animals/toys and games, too


  • Some items reportedly arrived with an 'off-gassing' smell at un-boxing. Remedy this by placing in a well-ventilated area until the aroma dissipates (2-3 days should suffice)
  • A bit pricey

Bottom line:

Yogibo bean bag chairs are the next generation of bean bag chairs; aesthetically pleasing, ideal for modern settings, i.e. households with pets, classrooms for students with challenging behaviors, camping, boating, or gaming in style. If you don't mind the price, we think you'll be pleased. If not, you'll have 14 days to return your purchase for a refund.


Learning environments should be full of active fun spots according to the folks at ECR4Kids, and we can't disagree. With a goal of making every day "brighter and easier for educators and students, parents and children," ECR4Kids brings the fun with furniture and supplies for numerous settings.

Our main interest lies with their colorful Softzone collection pictured below, ideal for Pre-K or younger learning environments, classrooms, children's areas of libraries or other spaces, or the reading/movie watching spots in kids' bedrooms.

Key features:

ECR4Kids primarily makes kids' play equipment, so they know a thing or two about fun. Their seating follows suit, as you can see, with the cozy and comfy paired up with bright colors and sharp, innovative design.

Our favorite models:

The SoftzoneRelax-N-Read Bean Bag Chair gives the perfect support for the young reader's back for $52.00. 

The Classic Bean Bag for Toddlers is a superb spot for budding readers to catch up on their Clifford or Bob the Builder books, available for $58.00 each.

The Classic Bean Bag, Standard Size, shown in bold primary colors is also available in earth tones and contemporary palettes for $83.00. 

Price: Ranging from $52.00 to $102.00. Be sure to check out ECR4Kids promo codes here as well.

Where to buy: If you're an educator or can otherwise use the Vendor Login on ECR4Kids' page here, you may purchase on the company website. Otherwise, it's available on Wayfair, Target, or Amazon.


  • Colorful, attractive, perfect for all settings related to kids and/or learning
  • Comfy and sturdy, sold with extra beads available if needed
  • Double-stitched seams for greater durability
  • Greenguard GOLD certified for indoor emission safety
  • Soft polyurethane covering cleans up easily with warm soapy water


  • Some found the chairs stiff and hard to sit in
  • Others felt the options were overpriced

Bottom line:

If you've got a daycare, preschool, playroom, or other kids' environment to fill, you can't go wrong with ECR4Kids. Other than an occasional complaint, these are very popular across several review sites, easy to keep clean, durable, and Greenguard GOLD certified to boot. We think you'll be happy with your purchase here.


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